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Welcome to LightBomber, the only long exposure/lightpainting app created BY lightpainters FOR lightpainters.  We've always wanted to bring light painting to everyone without the benefit of a fancy camera, so we worked long and hard (we're talking years) to create this app for anyone who loves light painting, does it professionally, or just wants to get started in the world of light art!  Our main philosophy when we were building it was to replicate the experience of being a light painter.  So that's the path we're following.  You start with the camera and a few lights, and in the future we'll be rolling out new lights, photo filters, and techniques.  This is only the beginning

The app is now available in the App here to buy LIGHTBOMBER now.

To see some sample LightBombs, check below or check out the full LightBomber photoset on Flickr.  Later on, you'll be able to see a pretty great collection of work by LightBombers around the world in our custom LightBomber community.  Facebook, email, and all that "old school" sharing is also an option too, if you are a dinosaur.

This page is more or less a placeholder.  It will get more involved as the app grows.  But if you are here, THANK YOU and enjoy.  If you have any questions about light painting or the app, just hit us up directly on twitter at @lightbomberapp

Also, check out this video explaining the process: