Live at the Loft

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This was the first time we just treated the app as a subtle long exposure device.  This was about a 20-second exposure.  We used a green LED and a white one to paint the mic, and the edges of the frame, taking care to not get any light in front of the lens.  It was nice to see it work as a simple long exposure device, outside the realm of typical lightpainting.
Apart from some trails on the left hand side, this is another fairly subtle one.  We used an LED flashlight to illuminate the keyboard and controllers.  You can see some blurriness in the background, which is sort of nice, apart from the HORRIFYING face of the girl sitting on the couch.  This thing can really become nightmare-fuel people...hmmm...halloween IS coming up....
Lightbomber Live at the Loft
Lightbomber Live at the Loft

Went lightbombing out at Live at The Loft, a brilliant concert/performance series put on by our friend TONE. He converted a Hoboken industrial space into a warm venue full of comfy seats, amazing stage decorations, great people and amazing music. In this space he and his cohorts (among them, Texas, a longtime friend of MRI) will invite someone to perform while they film the event from multiple perspectives to create a package experience from the night complete with photos and video. Good vibes. That's the one thing that reigns supreme at the loft. Maybe everyone chills out more when they get out of New York, or maybe it just is the collection of people who frequent this place. Whatever it was, we had a blast shooting away with random partygoers as Chico Mann blasted his "Indigenous New Jersey Music": a mix of programmed beats, electric piano sounds, party vocals, brutal basslines and minor-key latin backyard vibes. Check out a few highlights from the night below. Thanks to Tone and everyone at Live At The Loft for having us out.