LightBomber: Visual Heat Wave

Energetic LightBomber shot by Tjdesign
Energetic 2 LightBomber shot by Tjdesign
Number flow LightBomber shot
Symetrical Silhouette LightBomber
Warm wiggles LightBomber shot
Firecore LightBomber shot by Neuron
Atomic blast LightBomber shot by DeeAshley
White happening LightBomber shot by gabegodines
Fire cloud LightBomber shot by Sandycrawfish

Have you been keeping warm these past few weeks, LightBombers? Here in Brooklyn, we have been decidedly FREEZING, and I know that much of the country has been experiencing the arctic plunge as well. But there is a bright side to these blustery days: it makes everyone appreciate warm things a whole lot more than usual! In the spirit of not freezing to death, and synesthesia, this week's best of collection features pictures meant to heat us all up a little bit.

Synesthesia is when something is experienced through one sense, and then the mind responds to it using a different one. So, if we all look at enough pictures that are pulsing with electricity, energy, saturation, and most importantly, warm colors, maybe we can fool ourselves out of the depths of winter. Makes sense right? For example, it looks like Gabegoodines captured a jolt of lightning or fire erupting on the street ahead of him. Sandycrawfish's fire cloud not only feels like a bonfire, but I can almost hear the crackling of it in my head too. And all of the swirls of pinks, yellows, oranges, and reds jumped out of the gallery immediately to me as instant relief for winter blues.

Feelin' the heat yet, LightBombers?! I hope so. Shoot some faux furnaces of your own! And spread them around to all of your friends via Twitter and Instagram with #lightbomber.