LightBomber: The Rhythm of Light

Color Galaxy LightBomber shot by Tjdesign
Pink Ribbon Disco LightBomber shot by Tjdesign
Blue Dancefloor LightBomber shot by Bnizzz
Caberet LightBomber shot by RogerCraft
Floor pattern LightBomber shot by Djbronzed
Flora LightBomber shot by King Trouble
City Brights LightBomber shot by DeeAshley
Major Laser LightBomber shot by Sjanasik5
Speed Train LightBomber shot by Lolonyc
Streaky LightBomber shot by Kkarr
Magic Orb LightBomber shot by Tjdesign

Hello there, LightBomber Massive. Here's a new collection of awesome images from the gallery. Once again, we love everything that you guys shoot with the app. This week's picks bring to mind rhythm, in the same sort of way that these images from a few weeks ago reminded our eyes of a heat wave. But the sun shines brighter and warmer each day, making life just that much more awesome. That means a celebration is due.

And here at LightBomber, we love a good celebration. Part of our love for lightpainting is inspired by our love of music, shows, crowds and flashing of us used to be a full-on raver...can you tell? Our users definitely feel that energy as well. Several of the photographs this week look like they came straight out of the club, including both by Tjdesign. They show some of the most psychedelic disco balls in existence, and the color streaks in Bnizzz's photo and the patterns captured by Djbronzed would make an edgy light show for any musical act from Lazer Floyd (seriously) to Amon Tobin and beyond.

As always, keep LightBombing, LightBombers. With its dim lighting, awesome lighting and contagious excitement, the next show you attend might be a lightbomber goldmine. And keep the movement going strong by sharing your LightBombs on Instagram and Twitter with #lightbomber.