LightBomber: Speed of Light

Speed Streaks LightBomber shot by _emilyelisabeth_
Inferno Silhouette LightBomber shot by ARU
Explosive LightBomber shot by ARU
Groovy Hoop LightBomber shot by DaiShauVu
Flying away LightBomber shot by EPthree
Hyper speed street LightBomber shot by Ericwizera
Psycho Confetti LightBomber shot
Red Throne LightBomber shot
Repeater LightBomber shot
Ocean Organic LightBomber shot
Sideways Street LightBomber shot
Floral LightBomber shot

Greetings, LightBomber Massive. If you are a new member of (the community), we want to extend to you the brightest, warmest of welcomes. We are happy to have you aboard--the more people we can share the energy and fun of LightBombing with, the better! And with the app having gone free last week, there has been a ton of interesting images popping up in the gallery, from seasoned LightBomber enthusiasts and new users alike. The energy and enthusiasm that we feel for LightBombing shine through in most of them...hopefully that means you feel it too!

One of our favorites this week is from LB veteran TimNeedles. He captured fast, agressive looking red streaks surrounding a bright white orb. In the middle of all of that light is a face -- there is definitely an element of magic or mysticsm which makes the pictures captivating. Some other favorite shots, like _EmilyElisabeth_'s high speed color streaks, look like they were created with fast moving lightsources which left multicolored trails behind them. We also got a few funky twists on the classic traffic shot, bringing the street to life with electricity. There are so many interesting ways that LightBomber (or any camera that has the ability to make a long exposure) can capture forward motion, none of them visible to the naked eye.

Fast moving. Unexpectedly thrilling. Bright. Since it's the beginning of the year, those words are on a lot of people's minds. Ours included, because we just know that this week's images are the beginning of something awesome. Keep Bombing, and help us get the word out (at the speed of light!) by posting your LightBombs to Twitter and Instagram with #lightbomber.