LightBomber: Merry & Bright

Snow storm Lightbomber shot
Floating Christmas tree Lightbomber shot by Ccoop27
Close up Christmas light trail Lightbomber shot by Ccoop27
Swirling abstract Lightbomber shot by dualdiagnosis
Christmas tree Lightbomber shot by dualdiagnosis
Falling Christmas lights Lightbomber shot by Antiquated Hearts
Light heart Lightbomber shot
Light trail Lightbomber shot by BritBritBrookens
Christmas galaxy Lightbomber shot by CoolioSauce
Blue woven abstract Lightbomber shot by AK1Chance
Falling lights Lightbomber shot by Frequencymod
Partying Christmas lights shot by pembertonia
Christmas tree Lightbomber shot
Freaky Santa Lightbomber shot
Twirling tree Lightbomber shot by Cdeppong
Flying Christmas tree shot by therealbnady

There is so much holiday cheer in the LightBomber gallery right now that we can't even believe it. Nor could we narrow it down! As you can see, we have twice as many cool shots to share than usual. Do you even have time for Christmas shopping between all these awesome LightBombs!?! 

Some of the shots are reminiscent of snow in a really beautiful way. A silhouette, backed by a flurry of white lights, transforms into a snow angel. Another looks like a hazy blue snow shower, minus the cold and the wet. Much better, in our opinion. 

And then there are the Christmas trees. As was mentioned in a prior post, Christmas trees make a wonderful subject because they wrapped in light and always glowing. It's really cool to see how everyone shoots them just a little bit differently, putting an individual twist on a photograph that everyone takes, year in and year out. Some twirl, some fly, some explode into a galaxy of light trails. Seeing all of these beautiful trees is probably the best gift that we could have asked for.

Well thats not entirely true. The BEST gift is this community. This amazing crew of people who picked up the app and started creating, sharing, discussing. This truly is the most amazing group of shooters in the world. Happy Holidays, LightBombers. Hope its a bright one.