Lightbomber Gift Guide by Grand St.

Smartphone Film Scanner by Lomography
Kick Portable Light by Rift Labs
LuminAID Solar Light by LuminAID
Shuttr Remote by Muku Labs
Sun and Cloud Camera by Superheadz

Wow. This place Grand St. is in our heads. 

Their site has a wealth of gadgets for photo freaks, makers, campers and more. Their most recent holiday guide is chock full o' perfect gifts for LightBombers, so if anyone is curious what to get us this year, we'll take any (or all) of these amazing gadgets.

The Muku Shuttr Remote is a remote shutter release for your phone! Now, you can set up your shot and get started without leaving the camera frame.

Turn your bike into a piece of LighBomber Bait (feel free to spread that one around) with Monkey Lights. LEDs go on your wheels that can be programmed to display different shapes and animations. Unreal. 

Step your lighting game up with the Kick Portable Light, an app-controlled lighting studio for your phone. Great for illuminating your subject at key points during a long exposure portrait.

Ok, its really for camping, but the LuminAID Solar Light would look killer in a long exposure shot. Its solar powered and inflatable so it doesn't take up space OR batteries. Yup, we'll take one of those. 

If you haven't stepped into the world of long exposure film photography, get on that. Its amazing looking at lightpainting photos in the context of warm, textured film. AND, with this Smartphone Film Scanner there's no need to find a photo place to develop your work. 

Sun & Cloud is a little handheld camera. Simplified, like a Lomography camera, it takes digital shots with a series of photo filters. Snap shots often and spontaneously. Thats the rule.

Finally, you can never have enough lights. Especially bright, solar powered LED lights like this Waka Waka Power light. 100 hours off a charge means 100 hours of lightbombing.

Now, thanks to Grand St., you know where to get the perfect gift for the LightBomber in your life! Or...maybe just for yourself. That's what we're gonna do. Happy Holidays y'all.