LightBomber: Bright Brainwaves

Psychedelic LightBomber shot
Blushing Skull LightBomber shot by ardnepu
Nebulae LightBomber shot by DeeAshley
Bike Wave LightBomber shot by DeeAshley
Light Weave LightBomber shot by DeeAshley
Snowtrails LightBomber shot by hiplainsdrifter
Speedway LightBomber shot by murphsupreme
The Road LightBomber shot by murphsupreme
Infinite LightBomber shot by sherm-head
Cosmic LightBomber shot by tjdesign
Music Mania LightBomber shot by vaginadolls

Hey, LightBombers. I hope you are staying warm. Here's some of our favorite shots from the week!

There's something sort of haunting in this week's cross section of the awesomeness that is the LightBomber Gallery, something sort of swirling, cosmic, and unknown. I can't quite put my finger on what it is, but they all do have some sort of quality alike. One of my favorite shooters this week has been DeeAshley, for sure. The ghostly portrait of a girl's face has an aural light to it, with streaks straight out of a winter storm. But she has also been playing with light in a bunch of other really cool, creative ways, and we love it! Her photographs have a lot of space to them. And then there is the one that looks like a molecule, created with one of those static electricity balls that everyone wanted in the 80's. So awesome.

Another technique that I really like are these Speedway shots captured by murphsupreme and the snow falling in front of hiplainsdrifter. To create shots like this, its all about stabilizing the camera while the exposure is being created, resulting in a shot that is grounded in focused reality with some blurry swirling movements. To achieve this effect, set your phone down on a stable surface, like a freestyle tripod, or make the exposure short and sweet, to not give yourself a lot of time to move. This would require a lot of light, of course.