LightBomber: Bouquet

Sunset Orb LightBomber shot by Ccoop27
Colorfall LightBomber shot by Dayinmyshoes
Melting City LightBomber shot by Miss Lightbomber
Fire Flies LightBomber shot by DeeAshley
Neon Highway LightBomber shot by KCox
Color wall LightBomber shot by Six
Head Totem LightBomber shot by Tjdesign
Pink Wrinkles LightBomber shot by Tjdesign

Happy Monday, LightBombers. Hopefully it was sunny where you are this past week; it has finally been tolerable in NYC. This has been a long winter, but we're in the home stretch! Spring is right around the corner, so this week we chose some extra bright colors for this week's "Best Of" post.

Ccoop27's image definitely looks floral, taking us back to Georgia O'Keefe's abstractions of flowers from the early twentieth century. There is also something flower-like about the light orbs that populate the image shot by our own Miss LightBomber. A lot of these images have color that melts into the black too, just like that snow that we're hoping will disappear soon. Ok, its a stretch but we're really ready for spring to come. In case we haven't gotten that across yet.

There is not a lot of clear reality here; as we've mentioned before in previous posts, some of the best LightBombs are the ones that have no sense of the real world, or basically have nothing in sharp focus. These images are truly using light as the paint and their phones as the canvas, like the wall of bright patterns created by Six. Similarly, the shot by eshayyb gives a real sense of space, but as the viewer you can't really tell what the space is in real life, and that's just fine. It's things like this that make the work of LightBombers so unique and interesting.

Stay Bright, LightBombers! As usual, keep the energy spreading by sharing your creations via Instagram and Twitter with #LightBomber.