Wired CES 2011 Minibooth + Desert Lightpaintings

Well, our first outing with the MRI Mini Booth was a success! After arriving in Vegas, we went straight to the Wired Magazine booth at CES and got set up.

Immaculate Infatuation's Turkey Leg Ball 2010

It's no secret that we are classless, tasteless bums. This should be obvious. To remedy our condition we often look to more tasteful and classier people than ourselves.


Last night's EXPOSED event was definitely a success. It was us and a whole bunch of artists all co sponsoring a huge shindig in Nolita.


Hey everyone, If you came out to the event for Benedectine (and its 500 year old recipe) last night then THANK YOU

The Gawker Superglued Rave 2010

Hey dudes! If you are coming here to see your photos from the Gawker Superglued Rave, then look no further than the MRI Flickr!

Intuit in San Francisco (Was Awesome)

Our recent trip to San Fran was a roaring success! The private event we shot for Intuit (a tech/software company) went off without a hitch, and thanks to some ACE event planners, we had the best setup we've ever had in the history of the booth...

Glowcamp + The Canon Logic Rooftop

Whew! Sorry for the wait on these guys. Summer continues roll on (or roll right over us) and we got pretty swamped there for a minute.

Dark Disco

So after the hustle of our showing at the amazing BOS this weekend, we totally forgot to post the photos from Dark Disco (seriously!  who is running this blog?...sheesh.) Have no fear though, the p

Flashing Lights

As promised, the photos from Friday's photo booth at Flashing Lights are UP on the MRI Lightpainting Flickr Page.

The Hennessy Blackout

Yo! Have you guys checked out the photos from the Hennessy blackout yet? Well you better get to it!