Light Up Playlist - Jeff Taylor

Jeff Taylor Light Up Playlist
Jeff Taylor Light Up Playlist

The Light Up Playlist is a new series where we select an artist/band we like, ask them for an exclusive track, then use that track (or tracks) as inspiration to create some new long exposure images and content. We then post the images and the tracks here, and on our new BandCamp. Generally, the tracks here will not be available for download anywhere else. Enjoy!

Jeff Taylor has a band called Dumpsterhunter. Describing music is always weird so here are a few names to consider to help "get" their sound - Tom Waits, Talking Heads, The Knife, HP Lovecraft, Thom Yorke, Here We Go Magic, Grizzly Bear.

We've shot a lot of stuff for Jeff and his band, including the cover for his album Frustration in Time Travel. You can get the album, with a cropped version of our cover, on iTunes now. Do it, its fantastic.

The full version of the cover will be used on future versions of the album (hello Vinyl!), and we're extremely proud of it. Props to Jeff for the concept. Check it out here:

Dumpsterhunter Frustration in Time Travel

For his "Light Up Playlist" entry, he sent us "Rest Time For F & J", a gorgeous, propulsive instrumental recorded in an apartment near Pittsburgh. Textures collide, run with each other for moments, and then step back for the next rhythm, the next sound, the next idea. Nothing is cluttered and everything shines in the same way, like a westward-facing window does around 5 PM. He doesn't do instrumental often, but after this beast, we hope he does.

For this cover, we took the original cover image, and ran it through a process called "Decim8_Nine" that we learned on instagram from the amazing Busylittle1way. It goes like this: Take an image, chop into 9 squares and then edit each square individually using the glitch-art app Decim8. Then, reassemble the whole image. Awesome.

Enjoy the track, and if you're on the east coast, come watch Jeff and the guys lay Frustration in Time Travel to rest in Brooklyn. Union Hall. May 28th.