The Light Up Playlist - Cousins

Light Up Playlist - Cousins
Light Up Playlist - Cousins

The Light Up Playlist is a new series where we select an artist/band we like, ask them for an exclusive track, then use that track (or tracks) as inspiration to create some new long exposure images and content. We then post the images and the tracks here, and on our new BandCamp. Generally, the tracks here will not be available for download anywhere else. Enjoy!

Our third entry comes from Louisville, KY. A town that seems to "get" what early Emo was trying to do... musicianship, songwriting, affecting (but not oppressive) emotion. We're not talking about the stuff your little sister liked in high school, more like the stuff record store guys would talk 1993. Bands like Sunny Day Real Estate, Brand New, Get Up Kids, Saves the get what we mean. 

Cousins descended from a Louisville band called Amherst who were part of a like-minded true-to-form KY emo/punk scene. Hometown heroes down there for sure. Cousins were just one band to carry the torch after Amherst splintered (the other being the fantastic Season at Sea) and this is from their first EP, which updates the OG Louisville sound, adding a bit of muscle to hold up all the "raw motion" in this jam. Speaking of, did you know that if you say "Raw Emotion" with a slurred southern accent, it sounds like "Raw Motion"? The guys from Cousins/Amherst told me that, and I'll never forget it. And the lead on this one, courtesy of ol' Danny Hibbard, is fantastic. Like if dude from Explosions In The Sky wandered into the room at the right time.

Download/Stream Cousins - "Two Steps Back" right here.

The band selected this track called "Two Steps Back", and we shot an image (on 120 film) that we thought fit the vibe. The challenge for us was not light-painting backwards (we're pros at that now), but controlling the blast of light from the incandescent bulb in this mermaid lamp we found on the street in Brooklyn. We toyed with a few different settings, leaving the light on for a split second, sometimes longer. A few images got blown out completely, but these ones worked. The two shots you see here are right out of the Holga, light leaks and all. The third we shot with LightBomber. Not only did we get a cool shot, but it was a great way to shoot reference images while shooting with film.

Thanks dudes for the musics. Come back in 2 weeks for some mutilated grime/dub/hell remixes by Oceans In Space.