The Light Up Playlist - Brain Tumors

Brain Tumors - The Light Up Playlist

The Light Up Playlist is a new series where we select an artist/band we like, ask them for an exclusive track, then use that track (or tracks) as inspiration to create some new long exposure images and content. We then post the images and the tracks here, and on our new BandCamp. Generally, the tracks here will not be available for download anywhere else. Enjoy!

Welcome to the all new Light Up Playlist, a series we started a while back as an excuse to connect our photos to music we love. The original idea was to take tracks we were obsessed with (you know, the ones you end up playing on repeat for a few weeks) and use those tracks as inspiration to create new light paintings. We shot some great stuff - The Weeknd, MF DOOM, Lykke Li, Odd Future, etc. but as we worked, we realized we could apply this same concept to music that our friends were making - essentially creating custom content and artwork for amazing musicians that we could form real relationships with...and really, Odd Future is going to be fine, with or without our content.

Here's the deal: Musician gives us some exclusive music (not available for download anywhere else) and we use that music as inspiration to create custom photos (video may be involved at some point) and then we post the tracks and images for download! Simple. 

So, starting last year, we started hitting people up. It took a lot of work, but we've got a nice catalog of great music/images to roll out for you. Everything from punk to electronic to noise to metal to polka, metal polka and noise polka. It's all being housed at the all new MRI Bandcamp. Check it out for sure, but the main posting will be happening right here.

For our first feature, we hit up our buddy Drew, frontman for Minneapolis punk spazzes Brain Tumors, aka Brian Tumors. 

He passed along two alternate versions of tracks recorded for their first 7" on Pass Judgement Records. Prior to this, these songs were not available digitally anywhere...probably... 

For each track image, we wanted to express how god-damn filthy and gross these guys truly are, so we did a long exposure of some garbage and blood, colored with different gels/flashes. Then we covered the lens (while still running an exposure) moved the camera a bit, and then in the same exposure, we scrawled the band name in light, spit on each other and called it a night. 

One time, Drew kicked me in the shins because I was holding a metal album that he wanted to buy. He says it was a punch in the chest, but the dents in my legs say otherwise...he also says it was a Soilwork record. Wow. 

In case the embed doesn't work, download the Light Up Playlist - Brain Tumors right here.

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