We Love This: Light Painting With a Roomba

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What you are looking at is a long exposure photograph of a bunch of LED-laden roombas (robo-vacuum cleaners) fighting for square footage in a dark, empty room.  Brilliant. Controlling the path of light has always been an obsession of ours, and though orbs and such are cool, there is something really astonishing about the robotic discipline of these light paths, with a certain added chaos brought on by having more than one robot compete (or fight to the death) for the same space.    We tried something similar back in the day with a remote control car, and we got similar results, but after seeing these shots, a re-shoot with multiple cars might be in order. These shots were created by a group of smart folks with Roombas on Flickr.  Check out more of their stuff here, and thanks to Ae for the tip!  (via ThisIsColossal)


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