Come See Us At Bushwick Open Studios!

MRI will be at BOS (Bushwick Open Studios) again this year!  We're showing some new work in the Seeking Space Show at The Loom (1087 Flushing Ave, Ground Floor), and if you are in or near Brooklyn we would love it if you came by.  The show will be running from this Friday (June 3rd) starting at 7 pm until Sunday night (June 5th) at 7 pm.  If you want to come see us in person, we will both be working the show during the day on Sunday. We had a blast last year, and it looks like our location will be even better this year.  Thanks again to the BOS folks for letting us be a part of this amazing show. After you're done checking out our work, there are 350 (seriously) other shows over the weekend that you can go to.  So much great art.  Get more info on the BOS site.


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2012 and Beyond!

Alright, time for our annual blathering, rambling, gushing "End of the Year" post.
Again, we had to piece together our own history to create this post. We move fast, and we're usually doing about 60 different things at once, so a moment like this to look back and soak it all in is always welcome.


We Love This: Lightt

We love the new app called Lightt. It's a liquid image, a never-ending document of your life in the form of "highlights" that keeps things from passing you by. Read our thoughts here.



There's still time! If you haven't yet, get out there and pull a lever (or...tap a touchscreen?) for the presidental candidate of your choice.