The Light Up Playlist - Odd Future

This installment of The Light Up Playlist is all about Odd Future.  If you haven't gotten into these dudes yet, familiarize yourself on their site, as everything they've ever made is available for free download.

I (Ryan) got put onto them a while back by a friend. The first thing I checked out was the RIDICULOUS video for "EARL", by Earl Sweatshirt.  After that it was the video for "French" by Tyler, The Creator (The Tony Wilson of Odd Future...if Tony Wilson had the production skills of Martin Hannett), a ton of mixtapes, Tyler's video for "Yonkers", and their now legendary performance on Fallon.  They've since exploded onto Billboard, MTVU, SXSW, mid-major record labels... all the usual milestones, and they've nailed every one. Check out the whole journey below but don't stop there.  Get. Everything.

We checked our playcounts over the last few weeks only to realize that the kids from Odd Future got the most play on our ipods/iphones/discmans.  For Michelle, she has been all about Frank Ocean, their R&B dude.  For me, it's just been EVERYTHING.  Ever since seeing them at Webster Hall it's been a wrap for me.  The best comparison I can make (though I don't really WANT to compare them to anything) is to the first time I heard Eminem...back in the Slim Shady LP days.  My favorite is EARL, the short mixtape from their best rapper, currently incarcerated.  I listen to the title track about once a day.

So we did a lightpaint tribute to their music.  It stands for Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.