Lightbomber: Portraits and Nightmares

After last week’s amazing Decim8 experiment, we want to move on to portraits. Making portraits in LightBomber is a crazy process. Lightpainting favors things that are moving. Portraits, on the other hand favor sitting still. However, this doesn’t mean that light painting portraits are not possible. All you have to do is embrace the chaos of a moving person, an open shutter, and a bunch of bright lights. Sometimes the results are beautiful, sometimes they are insane.

Lightbomber + Decim8 = Lightbomber

Photo filters are fun.  Throw a cool filter on your photo and suddenly you’ve got new textures, amplified details, impossible colors.  Taking our lightbombs and running them through all the amazing photo filter apps out there has been a lot of fun.

Our favorite abstracts

While cruising the LightBomber gallery (as we tend to do…all the time…) we started to notice these brilliant abstract patterns coming from our users. These kinds of photos are attractive for their mystery. A more “traditional” light painting will reveal a subject surrounded in light, and those are the ones that will hook you in every time because they beg the question, “how is it possible for that light and that person to co-exist in the same frame?”

The "Eye" of Magnetry

The work of Magnetry, one of our fav LightBomber users.

The Wonderful LightBombs of fStop8

Soon after launching LightBomber, we started to see these gorgeous high contrast fashion style shots from a mysterious user called fStop8.

Top 5 LightBombs So Far

LightBomber has been out for a little while now, and the best part for us has been watching the public gallery.

Live at the Loft

Went lightbombing out at Live at The Loft, a brilliant concert/performance series put on by our friend TONE.

CMJ w/ The Canon Logic + Friends

Last night, The Canon Logic was cool enough to have us at their random-non-official CMJ party.

TCB + ECTRO in St. Paul

A few weeks ago, I (Ryan) had the privilege to hit the streets of St. Paul with Lighpainting geniuses TCB and Ectro.