Lightbomber: 'Tis the Season...

...for capturing all of the twinkling jolliness of the holiday world with LightBomber!

Lightbomber: It All Starts With An Abstract

There are so many awesome abstract light paintings waiting to be created, it all depends on you! How will you show your inspiration?

Lightbomber: Gettin' Freaky at the Festival

We got to meet a lot of new LightBombers at the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival last weekend, and were so excited to see their hypnotic, vibrant shots pop up in the gallery right away. Check out these awesome shots by some of the new members of the Lightbomber Massive.

Lightbomber: Delightful Distortion

What makes these Lightbomber posts so interesting is the way they take what your eyes can see and transform it into something unique, sometimes strange, but always interesting. How will you distort your universe?

Lightbomber: Latest and Greatest

The redesigning of the "Popular" page makes it easier to see what fellow Lightbombers have been up to recently -- our current faves range from oddly organic to trippy traffic shots but all have that visual spark that takes our breath away.

Lightbomber: Photowalk with InstagramNYC

The iphoneography community rules. Since the launch of LightBomber, the iPhone shooters of the world have been some of our favorite people, giving feedback, spreading the word, and creating KILLER images with LB.
So, when we got the chance to partner with the folks at Instagram NYC for one of their epic Photo Walks, we were DOWN.

Lightbomber: Photo Booth for MTV Hive and Silent Drape Runners

2 ridiculous parties. 2 lightbomber photo booths. That's how we roll. First up was the ALL Robyn dance party at the Bell House. Put on by our friends the Silent Drape Runners. Then it was a CMJ party for MTV Hive featuring a sick rap lineup - Killer Mike, Flatbush Zombies, Mr. Muthafuckin ExQuire, and more.

Lightbomber: Photo Booth for MTV O Music Awards

Last Friday was a first for us. We’ve done many many photo booths, but until Friday, none of them were shot exclusively on Lightbomber. We usually bring out a nice backdrop, a tripod, a camera and our usual arsenal of lights and go to town shooting then printing photos for people.

Lightbomber: We Love Our Users

This post is a tribute to our users. Every day we open the gallery to find true “Art” (side note: any time you see some art on the street, point and yell “ART!” as loud as you can then go about your business), like nothing else in existence.