LightBomber: Fourth of July and Beyond

In the LightBomber App, the Fourth of July is one of our biggest days ever. Every year our US users astonish with their long exposure fireworks creations, and this year was no different.

NYC & SF: Let's Meet Up!

On April 22nd, we're partnering with our friends Docpop, Shalaco and Spotlight to host a bi-coastal Lightbomber meetup in Brooklyn and San Francisco! Come out for a demo, prizes and a night of brilliant creation.

LightBomber: The Rhythm of Light

LightBombers "show us their moves" with dance-party-esque pictures that let you see the beat.

LightBomber: Bouquet

Bright colors and melting streaks remind us of something else that involves colors and bright and melting which cannot come soon enough.

LightBomber: Bright Brainwaves

Winter trudges on and LightBombers have been shooting some really, really cool stuff. Stimulate your eyes.

LightBomber: Visual Heat Wave

It is so freakin' cold outside that this week, we wanted to show off some pictures that look toasty and warm.

LightBomber: Speed of Light

There was an explosion of new users and images following our big update last week. Seems like the love of LightBomber is spreading faster than ever!

LightBomber: Merry & Bright

As you can see in our larger-than-usual gallery this week, the LightBomber holiday spirit is out of control.

LightBombed: Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Rooms

The LightBomber crew headed over to David Zwirner Gallery in Chelsea last week to capture Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama's I Who Have Arrived In Heaven installation last week with LightBomber-- and the results were incredible.

Lightbomber Gift Guide by Grand St.

Looking for the perfect gift for a LightBomber? Looks like Grand St, an online retailer of super cool indie tech gadgets, may be your one stop shop!